It’s that TIME again

You all know exactly what I am talking about. Better yet Kenyans know what I am talking about. Here is a hint; you have probably heard that some countries abroad have issued travel alerts against Kenya for fear of violence before and/or after August 8th. Well, there you have it, it’s election period again and while that should be a great and exciting thing, there seems to be a heavy cloud hanging over this nation. Which I don’t quite understand because after the 2008 post election violence that broke out all over this nation claiming lives of thousands and leaving trauma in many others, Kenyans swore that there was no way we were ever going back there. And so when the elections in 2013 were approaching, the message was, “My tribe is Kenyan.” Which simply meant it didn’t matter the tribe you were or that the politicians picked each other across tribal lines but that no matter who won the elections we were not going to raise a hand against each other.

Where as that is true, there were also very many people praying for peace during the last general election. Did God answer our prayers? Yes He did. There was a peace and quiet that was just profound. I remember traveling down to Mombasa very pregnant and very tired the day after elections and afraid that we may get caught up in clashes when we got to Mombasa; honestly I didn’t know God to be one who would ensure there was peace. Then the miraculous happened, despite opposition against the results and people crying foul, people didn’t go out in arms attacking people who supported the opponent of their choice candidate. God showed Himself strong. Don’t misunderstand me, I am just saying what is true. We so often know God in theory until He shows up in a certain way and then we call Him by His actions; like Abraham calling God Jehovah Jireh or Hagar calling God the God who sees me, its like a testimony. And so Jesus being the Prince of Peace became so surreal.

I met a Pastor a few weeks back as I walked the streets of county #001 inviting entrepreneurs who do business within the city to an Entrepreneurs Anchor chapter. Anchor is a Self- leadership program that takes 10 weeks and people meet up just once a week for 2 hrs. Its very relational, real and riveting and I cannot forget to mention how trans-formative a tool it is. Its an opportunity to evaluate your life, refocus and begin ti live a full life. So this Pastor, first of all I didn’t know he was a Pastor until maybe 15 mins into our conversation which of course started with him criticizing my campaign strategy and no not political, taught me a lot in the process. Remember I was pitching Anchor. He goes on to share with me and I remember him very clearly stating, ‘ I don’t know why I am sharing this with you but…,’ then he proceeded to share with me.

He comes from a place where tribal clashes were so bad, people are still trying to heal from the effects of 2008. He tells me of how we have sown seeds of ungrace as Kenyans and how we so often do it, consciously or unconsciously. For example when a certain people from one tribe live among other tribes and feel superior either intellectually or entrepreneurial and so often declare how foolish the others are openly. Or how I live in Mombasa and was not born and bred here and so would be referred to as ‘mtoka bara’ meaning upcountry folk and we (watoka bara) go saying how we are not wanted here. You simply planting seeds of bitterness, anger, mistrust and so many other negative. Then we wait for the election year for us to start declaring all over again that we are Kenyans and are one. He was simply saying we cannot be mockers of God: Galatians 6:7 Don’t be misled–you cannot mock the justice of God. You will always harvest what you plant.

Last time I wrote Love I had started on a conversation that God has been having with me. More like scratched the surface for this has been a month of God teaching me about grace. Leave alone the fact that it has been the sermon series through out this month and I coincidentally happened to have been reading the book WHATS SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE,  He pretty much made it real for me.


Will share more however today I am all about how ungracious we are and can be. Here is the thing and this is especially for every person that calls him/herself a Christian. I don’t care who you are or what your political inclinations are but this is it, you cannot be talking about how if your person doesn’t win the election that the election will have been rigged and that watu wapigane (people should fight). That is the most mediocre thing and it makes you so mediocre its a problem. That you dare even speak violence over asking God what His will is and allowing His will be done… mpende msipende (Love it or hate it) Proverbs 16:4 The Lord has made everything for his own purposes, even the wicked for a day of disaster. You also need to note and remind yourself always that Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.

I want my children to grow up in a nation where they are free, not always looking over their shoulders, fearing for their lives over their tribe. I want them to thrive in any part of this country building this nation and accomplishing everything God has for them wherever God pleases. This will not happen if we continue like this. I am sorry but we need to separate politics with matters the destiny that God has for this nation. We cannot be partisan to the things that hinder or slow down the journey or arrival to the same. People lives matter and let alone people, but the growth and development of this nation is far much more important that all that other hullabaloo. My thoughts… Now away from the rant, yes we have work to do and that is to rip from the ground all those seeds of ungrace that have been planted and begin to sow good seed;

  • Lets apologize for the things we have said about people from other tribes i am not talking just social media but actually starting the conversation around us
  • Lets walk away from making tribes a big deal, as in building idolatry altars around them and just appreciate the diversity
  • Christians pray; not just now over elections but for healing and a tearing down of this idol and uprooting of the seeds we have been sowing
  • Let’s speak up against anyone who tries to incite Kenyans into the bloodshed that happened in the past we cannot afford another massacre or genocide
  • We need to remember kura yako ni siri yako (its a secret ballot election) and if you choose to publicize yours, everyone else has a right to vote for whoever they please and there is nothing wrong with either.

Away from that we have been praying, one thing that I have learnt this month is that for us to receive grace then we have to make ourselves available for us to receive it. Yes we have been praying but I am hearing too many stories about Christians who are fleeing their homes or the country at large yet they have been praying. How then will God know that you trust Him to do as we have been praying. I get it you may be afraid for your life but your running means have not fully experienced God love for sure. To be on the receiving end of grace means to say, ‘Lord help my unbelief,’ and stand your ground watch the Lord move. So I am making travel plans around that period and see my mum in shags before elections and I expect to be back in Mombasa end of that week. Here are some things that I love though about we Kenyans though, My Pastor and a friend of mine are doing a campaign around this period and this is just but the start.

Prayer Anthem Day One C

This was day one of the next few days praying through our National Anthem. Lets do this!!! Then there is this Video on peace Beautiful if you ask me. I know that there are many more lets preach the gospel of love, grace and peace.


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